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Research and Publications


Research Interest:

  • Web Mining
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Distributed Operating System
  • Database System
  • Image Processing
  • Cloud Computing

Research Papers Published/Presented:

  1. Dharmendra Patel, Amit Kothari,Fuzzy Classification to Discover On-line User Preferences Using Web Usage Mining”, Proceedings of Internation Conference on Web Sciences(ICWS-2009), Organized By School of Computing, Kneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering, Guntur,Andhra Pradesh, India, 10-11 January,2009, pages- 71-75.
  2.  Dharmendra Patel, Amit Kothari, “Web Caching and Prefetching — An Integrated Approach Using Web Usage Mining to Manage Web Objects”, International Conference on Adavanced Computing (IACC-2009), Organized By Thapar University, Patiala, India, 6-7 March 2009.
  3.  Amit Kothari, Dharmendra Patel, “Methodology to Solve the Count-To-Infinity Problem by Accepting and Forwarding Correct and Updated Information Only Using “Test” Packet”, International Conference on Adavanced Computing (IACC-2009), Organized By Thapar University, Patiala, India, 6-7 March 2009, pages-26-31.
  4.  Dharmendra Patel, Atul Patel, Dr.Kalpesh Parikh, “Preprocessing Algorithm of Prediction Model for Web Caching and Prefetching”, International Journal of Information Technology & Knowledge Management (ISSN 0973-4414) ,Vol-IV, Issue-II of June 2011, impact factor 0.4, pages-343-345.
  5. Dharmendra Patel, Dr.Kalpesh Parikh, Atul Patel,” Selection of effective sampling techniques to test proposed sessionizaion algorithm of prediction model of web caching and Prefetching”, International Journal of computer information systems(ISSN 2229-5208), Special Issue-I,Volume-2,No-4, 2011, pages-14-16.

      6. Nirali Honest, Dharmendra Patel, Atul Patel, “Survey of Tasks and Applications areas of Web Usage

Mining”,        Journal of Information and Communication Technologies,Volume-I,Issue-6,November-2011,pages-20-22.


  1.  Dharmendra Patel, Dr.Kalpesh Parikh, Atul Patel,” Sessionization –A Vital Stage in Data Preprocessing of Web Usage Mining-A Survey”, International Journal of engineering research and applications(ISSN-2248-9622), Volume-2,Issue-1,Jan-Feb-2012,pages-327-330.


  1.  Maitri Patel, Dr.Paresh Virparia, Dharmendra Patel, “Web based fuzzy expert system and its applications – A Survey”, International Journal of Applied Information System(ISSN-2249-0868),Foundation Computer Science FCS, New Yoark, USA, Volume-1,No-7, March-2012, pages-11-15.


  1.  Chirag Patel, Dr.Atul Patel, Dharmendra Patel, “Optical Character Recognition by Open source OCR Tool Tesseract: A Case Study”, International Journal of Computer Application(ISSN-0975-8887),Volume-55,No-10, October-2012,pages-50-56.


  1.  Dharmendra Patel, Dr.Kalpesh Parikh,” Quantitative Study of Markov Model for Prediction of User Behavior for Web Caching and Prefetching Purpose”, International Journal of Computer Application(ISSN-0975-8887),Volume-65,No-15, March-2013,pages-40-49.


  1. Dharmendra Patel, Dr.Kalpesh Parikh,” New Approach to Clusters Web Sessions Based on Bio-Informatics Distance Metric Technique for Prediction Model of Web Caching and Prefetching”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (ISSN-2277-128X),Volume-3,Issue-7, July-2013,pages-329-331.


  1. Hetal Patel, Dharmendra Patel,” A Brief survey of Data Mining Techniques

Applied to Agricultural Data”, International Journal of Computer Application(ISSN-0975-8887),Volume-95,No-9, June-2014,pages-6-8.


  1.  Dr.Dharmendra Patel, “Study of Distance Measurement Techniques in Context to Prediction Model of Web Caching and Web Prefetching”, International Journal on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications (IJSCAI), Vol.5, No.1, February 2016, pages-1-8.


  1. Hetal Patel, Dr.Dharmendra Patel,” SURVEY OF ANDROID APPS FOR AGRICULTURAL SECTOR”, International Journal of Information Sciences and T

echniques (IJIST) ,Vol.6, No.1, March 2016,pages-61-67.



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